Our Mission

The purpose of this Association is as follows:

A. the evolution of the use of dogs as working animals for sport and companionship by conducting races, demonstrations, and events.

B. the dissemination of information to members and to the general public about the use of dogs as working animals.

C. the safe, humane, and knowledgeable care, treatment, training, and use of dogs.

D. the perpetuation of good and proper sportsmanship and camaraderie among those who participate in races, demonstrations, meetings, gatherings, and events.


NWSDA Board 2013-2014
Sue Scofield - President
Von Martin - Vice President
Ingrid Earle - Treasurer
Connie Starr - Secretary

Karen Behm
Bruce Crawford
Don Duncan
Matt Hamel
Doreen Johnston
Larry Roxby
Ari Sigglin