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We are back! Limited edition Spring Fling - limit of 25 participants

May 1, 2nd, 2021 NWSDA Joe Loveless Memorial Spring Celebration

Held at Camp Koinonia and this is the same weekend as their annual spring clean up. Accommodations might be slim.

This year's Cool Down will be May 22-23 at Camp Koinonia. Same fees for camping and dogs. Contact the Camp Director for other lodging. Bring your own food, as no group potluck, yet.  Hopefully, Kittitas will remain in Phase 3.


Events TBD and on Saturday afternoon there will be a parade and a memorial service.


Parade of Seniors will have their moment of glory, and receive a scarf, courtesy of Karen Hoban and Mikki D. Send your 10 year and older dog names to Connie Starr  badhusky1@gmail.com by May 7.


Rainbow Bridge Dogs from Fall Season 2019 to current.  Send photo, name, dates and brief info to Chelsea Dill chels.gsp@gmail.com  Chelsea will print photos and create a video.  Deadline is May 7.


Send Rainbow Bridge dog names to Karla Boyle karlaandjourney@gmail.com Deadline is May 7 for Karla to add to the Rainbow Bridge wind chime.

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