Introduction to new website

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Welcome mushers!

Race news! it is on and we need your registrations! The later you register, the bigger the effort is for the VOLUNTEERS to do their jobs. Please register NOW!

While I have this saved as a note from the race director, but for now this is your webmaster introducing the new website format. It will be changing as I have time to work on it. Currently it is live, but not at "Beta 1.0". Lets call it "Pre-Beta 1.0". If you have problems, let me know via the contact page.

The registration is a bit wonky, but it was a "free" widget and will stay for this race since I have run out of time to fix things. What fun, you guys get "tickets"! I do not know how to turn that off. So do not forget to print page 2 of the registration pdf and sign it. Bring that to the race and pass on to Connie Starr.

Also - please check "none" and "done" for 2nd or 3rd classes if you are only running 1 class and only pay for classes which you are running. If you overpay, let us know and we'll get it figured out.

We are a small club and your webmaster was just plain busy these past 2 months and works full time. Only so many hours in the day.


created fall 2018 by volunteers who have no authority or budget.  V 1.0