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our mission

The purpose of this Association is:

A. the evolution of the use of dogs as working animals for sport and companionship by conducting races, demonstrations, and events.

B. the dissemination of information to members and to the general public about the use of dogs as working animals.

C. the safe, humane, and knowledgeable care, treatment, training, and use of dogs.

D. the perpetuation of good and proper sportsmanship and camaraderie among those who participate in races, demonstrations, meetings, gatherings, and events.

our elected officials
Susan Scofield, President

Susan Scofield has been working with  Siberian Huskies since she purchased her first Siberian in 2000 as a present for her son. That small event changed her life, leading to a joy and passion for Siberian Huskies. She is currently President of Northwest Sled Dog Association. Susan runs Stargazer Siberian Sanctuary which provides a permanent home for Siberian Huskies that are not adoptable for a variety of reasons; medical, behavioral, age.

Connie Starr, Secretary

Connie works full time as a musher, growing her team from 2-3 dogs while borrowing various dogs to give her team some umph. She is now running Team Wenopullyou with 7 dogs. Connie is our Secretary which means she does a LOT.

Ingrid Earle, Treasurer

Engineer by day, musher all other waking hours. Ingrid is integral to the leadership team working hard to put on good races and manage our finances.

Ingrid mostly runs Jupiter now, Zoe in recent years and in the past, a number of malamutes.

Don Duncan, Vice President

I live in Indianola Washington, a sleepy, but rapidly growing community west of Seattle on Puget Sound.  As a retired Marine Engineer from Washington State Ferries, I’ve lived the best of two worlds, dogs and boats.  I had a maritime job, but rather then spend months at sea, I returned  home every day to my family of Samoyeds.


My involvement with Samoyeds began in 1985.  I am a member of the Samoyed Club of America, served 4 terms as President of the Samoyed Club of Washington State and former Board Member  and current Vice President of the Northwest Sled Dog Association


I am a hopeless enthusiast of the early Polar Expedition era. My first Samoyed, Chryssie, inspired me to read the breed’s history and I learned of their use in both Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.


Preserving the working heritage of the Samoyed has become my life’s mission and has taken me beyond recreational sledding to participating in distance races and events with Samoyed teams including Montana’s 350-mile Race to the Sky and the 2007, 2009, & 2011 Norman Vaughan Serum Runs.


Over the past three decades I have ridden a rollercoaster of emotions with the dogs.  From spiritual starry night runs, to bidding farewell as beloved old friends come to their final days.  For all its up and downs, this is a ride I would choose over and over again.  It’s all about the dogs!!!!


Carole Parsons
Rory Frolick
Lucy Bottcher
Renee Lirette
Margaret Black
Michael Johnston

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