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Carl Bowman Best Kept Team

Carl Bowman was Carl Bowman (1959-1996) was an avid recreational musher who loved training and running his Siberian Huskies. Although having grown up with dogs, it was really only when after he got his first Siberian, Olaf, in 1982 that his interest in mushing started.


When we moved to Oregon in the late 1980’s, that spark was ignited by the Oregon Dune Mushers Mail Run where dog teams ran from Coos Bay to Florence over a three day period culminating in a grand parade in old town Florence. Soon after watching the parade for the first time, Carl obtained his first cart (a kit he assembled) and shortly thereafter he and the dogs enthusiastically headed down many trails.


In 1991 we moved to Washington and Carl became involved in NWSDA and participated in various races in the northwest. Of course more dogs came our way during that time. In addition to running dogs, he also was a fine craftsman and started a small business (Snowdance Sled Works), named after our kennel (Snowdance Siberians), making dogcarts of his own design and beautiful handcrafted miniature dogsleds. Throughout this time, Carl’s attention to dog care and concern for the dogs’ well being was exceptional.


Sadly Carl was diagnosed with cancer in early 1996, ran his last Mail Run (his 5th) that March, and passed away that September. In his memory NWSDA members, friends and family generously donated to establish the Carl Bowman Best Kept Team Award. This coveted award is given annually to a NWSDA member, couple or family who exhibits outstanding dog care.


2022-2023 Large Team-Rory Frolick



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