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Skijor Clinic at Crystal Springs Sno-Park - not 2024 scheduled - yet

This page gives you all the information you will need for this FREE clinic


Skijor clinic basic info

who what when where why


Who - lead by long time musher and skijorer Mary Welborn

What - bring your skis and dog- one max for clinic, avoid metal edged skis

When - Tuesday xxxxx  10 AM

Where - Crystal Springs Sno-Park, very back lot - Lot 5

Why - start off with this super fun sport in a safe manner

For this clinic you need to be an intermediate nordic skier or better.  That means you are comfortable on your skis and are able to ski easy hills and off set tracks.  It really helps to be comfortable on less than perfect grooming as it conditions can be great or not so great day of clinic.  Idea is to learn how to ski with your dog. We will NOT teach you skiing other than some minor tips on how not to injure your dog or yourself and to stay safe away from help.

Also, work with training your dog these commands:

Gee - go right

Haw - go left

On-by - means stay the course and is an incredibly useful command

Wait - means your dog can wait and then action commences when you give the release which is typically "OK".

We will cover these commands and help you train your dog to figure these out.  They learn quicker than we do.

We will also cover gear (safety and harnesses / lines) and will have spare gear available for use.  If you have your own, feel free to bring what your have.  Please, no walking harnesses or flexies.

Bring a fanny pack and poo bags as we will have to clean up after our dogs.

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