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Joe Loveless Spring Celebration May 4, 2024

This page will give you all the information you will need when it becomes available. Please be informed. See venue page for more info


race rules

see page rules/links/docs for detail

• Mandatory driver’s meeting: at race site Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 am.
• Races to begin approximately 9:00 am Saturday and 8:30 am Sunday. All classes start and finish at the Musher’s Camp.
• Starting position for the first heat will be determined (by the method explained in the Rules link below) by race officials a few days prior to the event, and will be posted online. The start order for the second or subsequent heats shall be determined by the first day’s times with the first place team leaving first and the last place team leaving last. At the discretion of the Race Marshal, in consideration of time and/or safety, heats may be determined with the last place team leaving first and the first place team leaving last.
• Single starts, 2-minute intervals for all classes, except one minute for 1 Dog, 2 Dog & Canicross classes.
• Any team larger than two dogs shall carry a snubline.
• ATV’s allowed, motor off.
• Dogs may not compete in more than one class per day.
• Temperature cancellation or postponement will be in accordance with NWSDA race rules (explained in link below).
• Trail distances may be revised relative to conditions at the time of the race.
• This is a 2-day race. You must race both days to be eligible for trophies. If you wish to participate for one day only, please indicate it on your entry form.
• NWSDA dryland race rules are in accordance with ISDRA Rules. For additional rules see Rules


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