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Crystal Springs Sno-Park - what you need to know

This page gives you all the information you will need for our venue. 

Sno-Parks require a permit. To use this Sno-Park, see button below for purchasing your permit link to State Parks permit page.  No permits available on site! Purchase in advance!

Please be informed.

how do you get here?

The Sno-Park is located off Exit 62 / Stampede Pass off I-90.

head towards Stampede Pass road and into Sno-Park. Entrance road is flat. 

This Sno-Park is redesigned for the 2018 / 2019 season and you will need to follow the signs.  This 35 acre Sno-Park and has separated parking within 5 "pods".  Mushers park in the very far back lot the 5th pod.

Please carry chains and be prepared for snow, ice, slush, or mud.  It can snow a lot.

camp life

Camping is allowed at this Sno-Park. 

Sani cans are located throughout


This Sno-Park is shared by other users, such as snowmobilers, skiers, cyclists, snowshoers.  No one appreciates dog poo all over the place.  Pack all your dogs droppings and take it home with you.

If you camp, be prepared to dig yourself out if it snows a lot.

Sno-Park rules

​We will be on multi use State Park property. It is imperative we are excellent stewards, and courteous to other users.  You will be sharing the trail with skiers, cyclists, snowshoers and in places snowmobiles.

No dogs on the Palouse to Cascade State Park Trail except between Stampede Pass Rd and Lost Lake Road. See map.

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