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training tips

A few key tips for skijoring commands:

Teach your dog "on-by", gee, haw and wait.

"On-by" comes in handy anywhere, but dogs are taught to ignore distractions. no sniffing, no greeting other dogs or people and staying the course.

"Gee (right) and Haw (left)" are turning directions, practice this while giving your dog their daily walks.

"Wait" is invaluable - you want your dog to wait. And with "wait", your dog knows there is action after you give the release - usually "OK". Practice this at all street intersections.

Train your dog to walk nicely while attached to a collar. Harnesses are for pulling. If you are using a "walking harness" you are sending the wrong message to your dog.

As for human training, we need to clean up after our dogs. Wear a fanny pack and pack bags to carry out poo and this is especially important in nordic areas.

we all like clean water, healthy dogs (no nasty parasites passed) and great ski trails.

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