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Crystal Dog Challenge Cancelled 2023

Held at Crystal Springs Sno-Park. Please be informed. See venue page for more info


get your race t-shirt!  long sleeve t-shirts $20,

hoodies are $35.  Pre order by emailing your name and size, you can pay for it on the race registration page found here:

and you can pick it up at the race next weekend.

Classes Offered & Approximate Distances per Day


8 Dog Mid – 16 miles (2500’ elevation gain/loss)

6 Dog Mid – 17.5 miles (720’ elevation gain/loss)

6 Dog Sprint – 7.3 miles

4 Dog Sprint – 6 miles

3 Dog Mid – 7.3 miles

2 Dog Sled – 4.5 miles

1 or 2 Dog Skijor – 4.5 miles

1-2 Fat Bikejor – 4.5 miles

Novice Sled or Skijor - 2.5 miles

Pee Wee - around parking lot perimeter on groomed trail.

race info


 The 8 and 6 Mid classes will run concurrently and go out first each day.

 Mandatory driver’s meeting: at Sunset Restaurant at 6:30 PM on Friday, 1/18.


 Races to begin at 9am Saturday and 8:30am Sunday.  All classes start and finish at the Crystal Springs Sno-park.  You will need a Sno-Park pass:

you need to buy the annual $40 AND a $40 special grooming add on, or 2 single day passes at $20 each.



 Single starts, 2-minute intervals for all classes  ISDRA Race Rules apply:

 Dogs may not compete in more than one class per day.


 Trail distances may be revised relative to conditions at the time of the race.


 This is a 2 day race.  You must race both days to be eligible for trophies.  If you wish to participate for one day only, please indicate it on your entry form.


 Saturday’s starting order in each class will be in the order the entries are received.

Contact Information: Connie Starr, Race Director: (206) 375-5028

Friday, 1/17/20

4:00pm – Meet the Mushers, Railroad Avenue behind the Sunset Restaurant. This is an opportunity for the community to meet you, your dogs and learn about the great sport of mushing. This is not required but strongly encouraged.

5:00pm – Mushers Banquet, Sunset Restaurant . 318 E 1st St, Cle Elum.

Cost for extra tickets is $15.95

MENU:  lasagne, pasta primavera, chicken drumsticks, caesar salad and berry cobbler

6:30pm – Mandatory mushers meeting


Saturday, 1/18/20

9:00am – Race start – Crystal Springs Sno-Park


Sunday, 1/19/20

8:30am – Race start - Crystal Springs Sno-Park

1:00 PM (approximate) - Awards

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