Mud Fest coming up!

As I update the website for the race in 2 weeks, it is raining out and I am thinking mud season is now established. Cliff Mass reports mega rain for the next 4-5 days and I am thinking "welcome to November - the month of 30 days and 30 nights of rain". Well, it may dump rain this weekend, but maybe it will all drain off by November 10 - 11th for our last dryland? race of the season.

Some of you may be raced out with 4 weekends in a row of races at Camp Koinonia, but rally and come on out for the finale. There is talk of a turkey roast like last year, and the fire will be going almost non-stop.

This website will remain at Pre-Beta 1.0 until I get a better registration system going and a few more pages finished. Your webmaster also has a grant due next week that will occupy the rest of my free hours. The grant is to the NOVA program requesting many many dollars to complete the NEPA studies up at exit 62 / 63 off I-90. This is so we can perform trail maintenance such as drainage. Area includes the sled dog trail system.

learn your plates! I will try to get a page about plates up.


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